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Information on Local Regulations here(Information pertains to all courses)

PDF versions of the Risk Assessments can be found here.

Time Trial Courses in London West District

Please Note: There have been some issues with the searchable table. Upon information being copied over as text, the links have switched. 

Course name designated by RA will link to the course map, whilst simply the course name will link to the Risk Assessment. 

Apologies about any confusion and we are working on fixing the table again.

H10/1C Woolhampton 10 miles H10/1CRA  H10/1C

H10/2 Maidenhead Thicket  10 miles H10/2RA H10/2

H10/3 West of Newbury 10 miles H10/3RA H10/3

H10/3a Newbury (Wickham)  10 miles H10/3ARA H10/3a

H10/3r Hungerford 10 miles H10/3RRA H10/3r

H10/4 West of Amersham 10 miles H10/4RA H10/4

H10/8 Bentley-Holybourne 10 miles H10/8RA H10/8

H10/10 Fifield 10 Miles 10 miles H10/10RA H10/10

H10/15 Brightwell-Cholsey 10 miles H10/15RA H10/15

H10/17 Cumnor 10 miles H10/17RA H10/17

H10/17r A420 Kingston Bagpuize-Tubney Wood  10 miles H10/17rRA H10/17r

H10/18 Hardwick-Eynsham 10 miles H10/18RA H10/18

H10/22 Marlow 10 miles H10/22RA H10/22

H10/181 Witney Bypass 10 miles H10/181RA H10/181

H12/8 A31 Bentley-Chawton-Farnham (12hrs)  H12/8RA H12/8

H15/1 Thatcham-Theale 15 miles H15/1RA H15/1

H15/10 Fifield 15 miles H15/10RA H15/10

H19/11 Dummer-Micheldever-Northington-Axford 18.5 miles H19/11RA H19/11

H19/11a Dummer-Micheldever-Northington-Axford 18.2 miles H19/11aRA H19/11a

H21/2 Maidenhead Thicket  H21/2RA H21/2

H24/9 Alton (Hilly) 24 miles H24/9RA H24/9

H25/1A Colthrop-Theale 25 miles H25/1ARA H25/1A

H25/2 Handy Cross - Marlow 25 miles H25/2RA H25/2

H25/3c Newbury (Wickham)  25 miles H25/3cRA H25/3c

H25/4 Great Missenden 25 miles H25/4RA H25/4

H25/5b and 5c Riseley-Mortimer  25 miles H25/5bRA H25/5b

H25/8 Bentley-Farnham-Holybourne 25 miles H25/8RA H25/8

H25/17 Cumnor-Kingston Bagpuize 25 miles H25/17RA H25/17

H25/88 River Lane (Alternative to H25/8) 25 miles H25/88RA H25/88

H29/18 Lane End - Frieth (Hilly) 29.8 miles H29/18RA H29/18

H30/1 Aldermaston-Thatcham-Theale  30 miles H30/1RA H30/1

H31/7 Southend-Bradfield (2 Laps) 31.2 miles H31/7RA H31/7

H36/18 Charlbury-Chipping Norton-Shipton Downs 36.41 miles H36/18RA H36/18

H50/1C Woolhampton-Thatcham-Theale 50 miles H50/1CRA H50/1C

H50/4 Wendover-Amersham  50 miles H50/4RA H50/4

H50/8 A31 Bentley-Chawton-Farnham 50 miles H50/8RA H50/8

H50/8a Bentley 50 miles H50/8aRA H50/8a

H50/17 Kingston Bagpuize - Watchfield 50 miles H50/17RA H50/17

H100/88 Froyle A31 100 miles H100/88RA H100/88

H100/88b Alton 100 miles H100/88bRA H100/88b

H50km/18 Chalgrove-Stadhampton 50km H50km-18RA H50km/18

HCC2.5 Weston on Green  HCC2.5RA HCC2.5

HCC001 West of Windsor Fifield 25 miles HCC001RA HCC001

HCC083 Chobham Common / Valley End 10 miles HCC0083RA HCC083

HCC089a Long Hanborough (Hilly) 7.91 miles HCC089aRA HCC089a

HCC118a Stadhampton 10 miles HCC118aRA HCC118a

HCC118b 10 miles HCC118bRA  HCC118b

HCC123a Pirbright 10 miles HCC123aRA HCC123a

HCC132 Twyford 10 miles HCC132RA HCC132

HCC137 Gracious Pond / Cobham 9.02 miles HCC137RA HCC137

HCC140 Stanton Harcourt 10 miles HCC140RA HCC140

HCC175 Ewshott-Odiham 10 miles HCC175RA   HCC175

HCC178 Longwick 10 miles HCC178RA HCC178

HCC201a Bucklebury  17.1 miles HCC201aRA HCC201a

HCC201b Bucklebury  15.7 miles HCC201bRA HCC201b

HCC202a Longwick-Thame 10 miles HCC202aRA HCC202a

HCC204 Ashford Hill 10 miles HCC204RA HCC204

HCC210 A4 West of Hungerford 10 miles HCC210RA HCC210

HCC212 Whiteleaf (Hilly) 7 miles HCC212RA HCC212

HCC216a Hazeley Heath  10 miles HCC216aRA HCC216a

HCC227 Black Park 10 miles HCC227RA HCC227

HCC234 Waltham St Lawrence 10 miles HCC234RA HCC234

HCC241 Fairmile  10 miles HCC241RA HCC241

HCC243a Brightwell 10 miles HCC243aRA HCC243a

HCC244 Brill (Hilly) 16.653 miles HCC244RA HCC244

HCC247 Newbury 25 miles HCC247RA HCC247

HCC248 Wickham Heath 14.7 miles HCC248RA HCC248

HCC250 Newbury 30 miles HCC250RA HCC250

HCC252 Hermitage 12.3 miles HCC252RA HCC252

HCC254b Mortimer 5.45 miles HCC254bRA HCC254b

HCC255a Hartley Wintney – Odiham Bypass 8.5 miles HCC255aRA HCC255a

HCC255b Hartley Wintney – Odiham Bypass (2 laps) 11.93 miles HCC255bRA HCC255b

HCC257 Star Hill-Bramshill-Heckfield-Hartley Witney  20km HCC257RA HCC257

HCC259 Nettlebed - Pishill  18.23 miles HCC259RA HCC259

HCC260 Chesterton 10 miles HCC260RA HCC260

HCC262 Charlbury (Hilly) 18.789 miles HCC262RA HCC262

HCC265 Worminghall-Oakley 10 miles HCC265RA HCC265

HCC267 Longwick  25.01 miles HCC267RA HCC267

HCC269 Butlers Cross 18.8 miles HCC269RA HCC269

HCC270 Ashford Hill-Kingsclere-Wolverton-Baughurst 9.6 miles HCC270RA HCC270

HCC271 West Hanney-Charney Bassett 10 miles HCCC271RA HCC271

HCC272 Abingdon 10 miles HCC272RA HCC272

HCC273 Donkey Sanctuary  HCC273RA HCC273

HCC281 Chobham   HCC281RA   HCC281

HHC005 Streatley Hill Climb 0.475 miles HHC005RA HHC005

HHC009 Sydmonton Hill Climb 0.5 miles HHC009RA HHC009

HHC011 Windsor Hill-Wooburn Green Hill Climb 0.5 miles HHC011RA HHC011

HHC012 Goring Hill Climb 1.84 miles HHC012RA HHC012

HHC018 Brockham Hill (Church Lane, Holybourne) Hill Climb 1.5km HHC018RA HHC018

HHC019 Longdown Hill, Casden Hill Climb 0.66 miles HHC019RA HHC019

HHC020 Blandys Hill and Walbury Hill 4.365 miles HHC020RA HHC020

HHC020a Walbury Hill Climb 0.8 miles HHC020aRA HHC020a

HHC023 Dolesden Lane Hill Climb 1.008 miles HHC023RA HHC023

HHC026 Wash Hill Climb 0.5 miles HHC026RA HHC026

HHC027 Muswell Hill Climb 1.4 miles HHC027RA HHC027

HHC028 Wittenham Clumps Climb 0.5 miles HHC028RA HHC028

HHC030 Aston Hill Climb 1.17 miles HHC030RA HHC030

HHC031 Court Hill Climb 1.3 miles HHC031RA HHC031

HHC033 Pirbright Hill Climb  HHC033RA HHC033

HHC034 Firgrove Hill Climb  HHC034RA HHC034

HHC035 Wytham Hill Climb  HHC035RA HHC035

HHC036 Whiteleaf Hill Climb  HHC036RA HHC036

Unnamed Hillingdon   HillingdonRA Hillingdon

HHC037 Aston Hill Climb 1.6 miles HHC037RA HHC037

HCC283 Candover Circuit  HCC283RA HCC283

HCC178b Longwick Circuit  HCC178bRA HCC178b

HCC178c Longwick  HCC178cRA HCC178c

HCC280 Farley Hill 10 10 miles HCC280RA HCC280

HCC282 Oxford-Henley-Oxford 39 miles HCC282RA HCC282

HCC284 Frensham 7 7 miles HCC284RA HCC284

HHC021 Britwell Hill Climb 0.59 miles HHC021RA HHC021

HHC050 Brightstone Lane 1.4km HHC050RA HHC050

H15/3 West of Newbury 15 miles H15/3RA H15/3

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