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Risk Assessment 
H15/1: Thatcham-Theale 15 miles
Date: 23/02/2015
Course Description:
Start at a point at the eastern end of the long lay-by on the south side of the A4, 100yards west of the Aldermaston roundabout at the junction with the A340 and opposite LP.89 Proceed westwards on the A4 going through Woolhampton and Midgham to the Kennet Park Roundabout Go straight across ( 2nd exit) keeping on the A4 to the Thatcham roundabout. Turn on the roundabout (3rd exit) to rejoin the A4 going east. Retrace to go through Midgham and Woolhampton to the Aldermaston roundabout. Go straight across keeping on the A4 to the Pangbourne roundabout at the junction with the A.340. Turn on the roundabout and take the 5th exit to rejoin the A4 going West Retrace to the Aldermaston Roundabout (junction with the A340) and take the 2nd exit (straight across) keeping on the A4 to go past the start point. Go past the start point for 91yards to finish at the western end of the lay-by a point 10yards short of its end and 32 yards short of LP.92 on the South side
Traffic Flows:
Traffic flows for this course are considered to be within CTT guidelines.
Course Restrictions: 
Local Regulations Apply:
No weekday evening events before 19:30
Saturday afternoon events not to start before 14:00
Maximum number of riders to be accepted overall is 120
Course History: Consult LWDC Course Secretary.
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