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London West District is comprised of approximately 120 clubs, the largest district of the 22 councils which form Cycling Time Trials (CTT).

It has a distinguished history of involvement with the affairs of the Road Time Trials Council (RTTC), the precursor of Cycling Time Trials. Will Townsend from London West was National Chairman of the RTTC for 23 years and is one of two London West officials to have been awarded the RTTC Badge of Honour. Will was instrumental in the formation of the MoT Regulations Relating to Time Trials which were drafted in 1960 and which effectively legalised cycling time trials on the open road.

London West was the first of the RTTC Districts to enforce the provision of an event headquarters for open time trials within the district and is the only one of the 22 District Councils to have adopted the practice of bulk submission of Police Notification forms, thereby saving promoters of club and open events (and doubtless the hard-pressed officials in three Police divisions) from the task of submitting them individually, no mean task with several hundred events in the District of London West.

With so many member clubs, most of them promoting one or more of the many events on the almost 100 differing courses, the overseeing of the time trials programme in the area is a complex task and doubtless those racing men and women who will take part during the season will be appreciative of the altruism shown by the members of the London West District Committee. 

Area of Responsibility

On the North by A4260, B4100, B4031, B4100 from Banbury to Bicester, A41 through Aylesbury, bypassing Tring, Hemel Hempstead and Watford to the Thames at Westminster Bridge. On the East the A3 to Wimbledon Common, A308 to Kingston-on-Thames, A307 (via Esher) to the crossing point with the A3 north of Cobham. A3 to B2215, through Ripley to rejoin A3. A3 to A272 junction at Petersfield. On the South A272 from Petersfield to New Cheriton, B3046, B3047 to Abbots Worthy, A33 TO JUNCTION WITH A303 SOUTH OF NORTH WALTHAM. A303, A34 to Whitchurch, B3400, A3093, A342, A346 to Collingbourne Ducis. On the West by A388, A346 via Marlborough to M4 (junction15) at Swindon, A419, A420 to Faringdon, A4095, B4020, B4474, B4020, A40 to Burford and A361 to Banbury.

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