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Regulations and Restrictions

Please see below documents for relevant information.


Local Regulations



Reporting of Breaches of Local Regulations
LWDC 1 - All breaches of Local Regulations shall be reported in writing to the London West District Secretary.

Restriction of Parking at the Start and Finish
LWDC 2  - No vehicles, except those of the timekeeper(s) and other event officials, shall be parked in the vicinity of the start or finish points.


Use of Turbo Trainers
LWDC 3 - Noisy Turbo Trainers are not to be used at morning events within 100 yards of residential accommodation


Use of Tri-Bars on Coxbridge (Farnham) Roundabout
LWDC4 - Riders must negotiate Coxbridge (Farnham) roundabout in a safe and sensible manner in accordance with CTT Reg. 20 and the rules of the road. Riders must be able to brake and stop if traffic conditions require this. Riders MUST NOT approach and encircle the roundabout using tri-bars. Any rider seen to be in breach of this regulation will be disqualified from the event and may be reported for further disciplinary action.


Provision of Shelter for Timekeepers

LWDC 5  - No course to be approved where the timekeeper is obliged to be exposed to weather conditions.

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