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Risk Assessment
H19/11: Dummer-Micheldever-Northington-Axford 18.5 miles
Date: 01/03/2016
Course Description:
Start on the A30 at the Western end of the lay-by, at power pole 288, 700 yards East of the junction A33/A303 near the "Wheatsheaf" at Dummer Proceed to the junction of the A33/A303 where continue on A33 towards Winchester for approx 6 1/2 miles to the junction on left signposted "Northington 3 1/4, The Candovers at ‘Lunways Inn’" Turn left (M1) and continue to pass the Northington sign and follow signposted direction to "The Candovers", ignoring right turn to "Northington Only”, to descend (care) to the junction with the B3046 at the "Woolpack Inn" Turn left (M2) onto the B3046 and proceed via the Candovers to the crossroads at Axford signposted “North Waltham3 3/4 miles” Turn left (M3) at the foot of Axford Hill and continue for a further 2 3/4 miles to finish near the brow of the hill, at the manhole cover by field gate, just short of the Motorway bridge where finish.
Marshalls referred to in this course description (M1, M2) etc may be provided solely to indicate the course direction. They have no role whatsoever in the risk assessment itself.
Traffic Flows: Traffic flows for this course are considered to be within CTT guidelines.
Course Restrictions: Consult LSDC Course Secretary
Course History: Consult LWDC Course Secretary
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