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Risk Assessment 
HCC083: Chobham Common / Valley End
Date: 09/04/2016
Course Description:
Start on the decoding sign on south side of Longcross Rd, approx. 20yds.after the junct. and west of Stonehills Rd.(O.S.021653) Go West on B386 past the junct, with Staple Hill road on left and bear left at the RAB beyond M3motorway bridge. Continue across the RAB at B383, to turn left at Highams Lane, approx.. one mile East of Windlesham.(O.S.094656) 4.273 miles Continue on Highams Lane, under M3motorway bridge to turn left at Valley End Rd. Continue to the ‘T’ junct. with B383, Windsor Rd, (O.S.965843) 5.279 miles,where turn left again to the B386/B383 RAB, where turn right to retrace, on B386 Chertsey Rd. to turn right again at RAB, over M3 motorway bridge,still on B386, Longcross Rd, to finish 3yds before start point.(O.S.021653) 10 miles.
Marshals referred to in this course description (M1, M2) etc may be provided solely to indicate the course direction. They have no role whatsoever in the risk assessment itself.
Traffic Flows: Traffic flows for this course are considered to be within CTT guidelines.
Course Restrictions: Consult LWDC Secretary.
Course History: Consult LWDC Secretary.
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