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Risk Assessment 
H15/3: West of Newbury 15 miles
Date: 23/09/2020
Course Description:
Start on the B4000, at the junction of the High Street, Hoe Benham. Proceed south-eastwards on the B4000 to the roundabout at the junction with the A4 ( M1, M2). Take the 3rd roundabout exit onto A4 towards hungerford. Proceed westward to the mini roundabout at the junction with the A338 to the north. Keep straight on, taking great care of traffic coming from the A338, and still on the A4 proceed to the Charnham Park roundabout (Turn) Circle the roundabout (M3, M4) (Check) to take the third exit and retrace to the mini roundabout with the A338. Keep straight on, taking great care of traffic entering and exiting from A338, and continue eastwards along the A4 to the “London 50 Mile” post before Gravel Hill where Finish.
Marshals referred to in this course description (M1, M2) etc may be provided solely to indicate the course direction.They have no role whatsoever in the risk assessment itself.
Traffic Flows:
Traffic flows for this course are considered to be within CTT guidelines except where a course restriction is in force.
Course Restrictions: 
No weekday evening events before 19:00.
Weekday Afternoon events - Last Rider to finish before 17:00
Course History: Refer to LWDC District Secretary
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