Risk Assessment
H10/8: Bentley 10 miles
By: J.P.
Date: 08/03/2016
Course Description:
Start at a point in the lead out onto the A31 from the lay-by on the south side at the commencement of the Bentley by-pass, approximately 800 yards west of the Bull Public House on the north side of the A31 and 5 yards beyond the last but one drain grating and 25 yards short of the large road direction sign marked 'Bentley ½m'.Proceed (Care) to join the A31 and continue to go westwards along the Bentley bypass through Froyle to the Holybourne roundabout (Turn) Circle the roundabout (M2, M3, M4) (Check) and take the third exit back on to the A31 to retrace, going through Froyle and along the Bentley by-pass to a point 10 yards beyond the concrete end of a water culvert on the north side and 63 yards short of the Gravel Hill Road minor crossroad and 163 yards short of The Bull to where finish.
Marshalls referred to in this course description (M1, M2) etc may be provided solely to indicate the course direction. They have no role whatsoever in the risk assessment itself.
Traffic Flows:
Organisers to carry out Traffic Counts during ALL events and submit to LWDC with results
Course Restrictions:
Course History:
Fatal accident during time trial in 2015 involving motorist and competitor. No blame attached to competitor. Vehicle driver subsequently convicted and imprisoned for causing death by dangerous driving.