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Risk Assessment 
HC178b: Longwick Circuit, 2 Laps
By: IL
Date: 04/02/2020
Course Description:
Start on the A4129 at the southern end of the first lay-by on the east side of the road, north of LongwickGo south on the A4129 to the roundabout at the junction with the B4009 at the Sportsman's GarageTake the first exit (M1) onto the B4009 and proceed to the second turning on the leftTurn left (M2) and go through Ford to the Haddenham-Aylesbury crossroadsTurn left (M3) (Check) to the first junction at HaddenhamTurn left (M4) for 0.77 mile to take the first turning left (M5) to the junction with the A4129Continue onto the A4129 to pass the start pointRepeat the circuit to finish at the start point.
Marshals referred to in this course description (M1, M2) etc may be provided solely to indicate the course direction. They have no role whatsoever in the risk assessment itself.
Traffic Flows: 
Course Restrictions: Consult LWDC Secretary
Course History: Consult LWDC Secretary
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