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Risk Assessment
H10/1C : Woolhampton 10 Miles
Date: 29/01/2021
Course Description:
Start at the East end of the long layby immediately East of the Petrol Filling Station in the middle of Woolhampton, 5 metres east of lamp post WN27. SU578667Exit the layby and head East along the A4. Go straight across the roundabout at the junction with the A340 1.7 miles SU603676 (care, traffic from the right) to a short dual carriageway. Continue past the dual carriageway to the large roundabout at Theale, junction of A4 and A340, 4.5 miles, SU632707. Circle the roundabout and retrace along the A4 to go straight across the A4/A340 junction/roundabout. Continue on through Woolhampton on A4 passing the start and exit the village (CARE; light controlled pedestrian crossing).Finish on the south side of the A4 at a bus stop 75 metres west of the gated entrance Midgham Park (on the north side of the A4) at the drain grating in the centre of the bus stop pull in. 10.08 miles SU561666.
Traffic Flows:
Traffic flows for this course are considered to be within CTT guidelines except where a course restriction is in force.
Course Restrictions:
Local Regulations Apply
Refer to LWDC District Restrictions Booklet
Course History:
Consult LWDC Course Secretary
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